Why Holistic Practitioners Need To Avoid Going Too Deep Too Soon With Their Potential Clients

In this short video, you’ll learn:

  • The BIG problem caused by going too deep too soon with your language
  • How holistic practitioners scare their potential clients off
  • Exactly what you can say so your potential clients are much more likely to want to hire you

Believe me, I made every mistake I speak about in this video.

When I first learned about the mind body connection and how to help people get over anxiety and change long-engrained habits, I became an “EFT Evangelist!”

And, I was scaring my potential clients AWAY with my too deep too soon woo woo language.

This is a common pitfall for holistic practitioners.

In fact, in a recent informal survey I did of ads in the back of a local publication where many holistic practitioners advertise . . .

. . . I saw that over 90% of the advertisers were making the mistake of going too deep too soon.

These holistic practitioners were ignoring all those people who could use their services but were not aware of the jargon they used in their ad.

Making the switch to more shallow language is EASY!

In this video I show you how.

In the comments below, let us know what you used to say that made your potential client’s eyes glaze over and what you will say now.

And, cheer on a couple of others who share. Help and be helped.