Are you anticipating stepping up in your business in new and bold ways?

And it’s got you scared and ready to retreat?

Honestly, that’s a very good sign that you’re on the right path. You’re shaking up those inner parts whose job it is to keep you safe.

Tap this script and let me know what it changes for you.


My Courage Is Greater Than My Fear

Who am I kidding?
Who the hell do I think I am to have such big ideas for myself?
I CANNOT do this
No freakin way
Completely impossible
Utterly impossible
If I even try, I’ll fall flat on my face
Forget it
I must’ve been nuts to ever think of trying this

Way too dangerous
I’m sure they’ll be laughing at me
Howling with laughter at how stupid I look
Falling off their chairs laughing at me
Judging me
Criticizing me
Whispering behind my back

Good grief, what a fool I was ever imagine doing this thing
Way smarter to give up right now
That’s clearly the smart thing to do
And I do like being smart
So I’m quitting while I’m ahead
Better to not try . . .
. . . than to fail publicly and miserably

I’m going to be reasonable
I’m going to do what I know I’m good at
Things I KNOW I won’t fail at
I’m going to be safe and small and unknown
I’m going to be medium
Medium is good

Who said I wanted to be magnificent?
Not me
No, not me
No no no
Safe small and silent is my new mantra
Yep, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Not doing it
Not trying
I’d rather be prudent and poor.

Safety is for wussies
I wasn’t born to be safe!
I wasn’t put on this planet to be prudent
And I certainly do NOT want to be poor

It’s not my job to make sure everybody approves of me
Who cares if they’re laughing
I’ve got something to give an I’m gonna give it
I hate the thought of looking back on my life
And seeing, over and over, times I was too scared
Too scared to do the things that were most important to me

I refuse to give up before I even try
Yes I’m scared!
Yes I’m afraid I don’t have what it takes
Yes I’m imagining they will be laughing at me
But dammit, I’m not letting any of that stop me

I’ve got stuff to do
And I’m going to do it
Even if I stumble, and fall,
And make a bit of a fool of myself

I’m going to think of toddlers learning to walk
They fall down hundreds of times in the process
And it’s no big deal
Yep, in stepping out as my courageous self,
I’m looking up to toddlers.
I’ll strive to have the wide-eyed innocence of a toddler
Joyfully stepping where I’ve never stepped before

I’m going to focus on giving
Instead of worrying about what people are thinking of me
I want to look back on my life with pride
I want to be able to say,
You really went for it.
Even when you didn’t know how
Even when you were afraid of making a fool of yourself
You still took the risk
You gave your gifts wholeheartedly
I’m so proud of you
What a courageous adventurer you were
What a courageous adventurer you are

Now here’s the new mantra:
My courage is greater than my fear
My courage is greater than my fear
My courage is greater than my fear
I DO have what it takes
I CAN do this
Yes yes yes
Thank you thank you thank you