The Art of Jealousy

For the people I support in my Sacred Business Adventure Mastermind, therapists, coaches and holistic practitioners, it’s common for someone to have a spurt of success while other sit by and watch.

Of course, this is only temporary, as everyone has their day in the sun to be the one with the spurt of success, but until that day, it can feel upsetting to witness others’s success before yours.

While everyone wants to feel happy for the successful one. Wants to be big-hearted and congratulating . . . and they do.

There is also the natural tendency to feel some resentment and jealousy.

“Damn!  Why isn’t that happening for me?”

“Why am I not getting new clients?”

Witnessing the success of others, when the practitioner is not seeing success in her own business can bring up anger, resentment, jealousy, resentment . . . and guilt for feeling all those crummy feelings.

Plus, on an energetic or vibrational level, we all know that having negative feelings distances us even more from our own success.

So what can you do when jealously hits?

Here’s the art of how to turn jealously into gratitude.

First, I tell you a story about how to see the events that cause jealousy in an empowering new way.

Then, I lead you through tapping to turn your jealousy into optimism, gratitude, happiness and positive expectation.

Here goes . . .

Story To Turn Jealousy Into Gratitude


Tapping to Turn Jealousy Into Gratitude

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Thank you!