How To Quickly Overcome the Fear That Keeps You Stuck

Now that the dust has settled from my High Impact Program System launch (and I get to do the super fun part of teaching the course) . . .

. . . I’d like to share with you how I overcame the daunting challenges that could have stopped me at any point along the way.

In the image above, you get a behind-the-scenes peak at me shooting one of the videos for the course launch. (I shot all the videos with my iPhone, which is barely visible just over the top of my laptop monitor.)

There were mornings when I woke up with so much anxiety that I was exhausted by 9am.

There were days when I felt so much fear that my program would flop, or that I’d send so many emails EVERYONE would unsubscribe . . . that I was frozen and completely stuck.

Unable to get ANYTHING done.

Since I was committed – to my coach, to you, to my partners – I wasn’t willing to wallow in my stuckness.

(Well, to tell the truth, I DID do some wallowing!  Yep, I had a few afternoons on the couch reading a novel.  But I knew that wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go.)

The BIG problem with too much fear, is that it blocks our creativity, our ability to think and act intelligently . . .

. . . because fear triggers the instinctual, survival-based parts of our brain.  

Fear literally shuts down the blood supply to the intelligent, thinking parts of our brains.

In order to do our best work, we’ve got to have tools to release the fear that keeps us stuck. 

So, on those Frozen In Fear mornings, I did something that was so simple, so quick and so effective that I wanted to share it with you here.

When I finished doing this, I felt energized, enthusiastic, confident (at least enough to get going) and creative again.

Here’s a sample script that will work for just about anything to get you unstuck.

You can say this script aloud OR supercharge it by tapping the meridian points as you go.

Here are the Tapping Points I use:

Tapping Points 800a

Begin with what I call DUMPING or RANTING

I can’t do this
It’s impossible
Who am I to think I could succeed at this?
I feel stressed just thinking about it
It’s not safe to step out so big
I don’t think I have what it takes
It’s too hard
I’ve tried everything and it hasn’t worked so far
So why would it work now?
I don’t want to be disappointed again
I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it
I’m not sure I can keep trying again and again
I feel all this in my body
Forget it.
Not doing it.
No, No, No.

Now that you’ve identified with those fearful parts that are keeping you stuck, you’ll likely feel a lot more free.

Now say and tap these DREAMING or OPTIONS phrases:

What if it actually IS possible
What if I CAN do this
What if I AM doing it
What if I’m on the right track
What if success is just around the corner
What if I can be proud of how much I’ve learned
What if I can be open to support and miracles
What if I can do it AND stay safe
What if I DO have what it takes
What if I have amazing resources IN ME
What if I’m protected, guided & loved, always!
What if I am strong enough to do this
What if I can get back up even when I fall
What if it all becomes easier and lots more fun
What if I can be more and more open to miracles
Yes, Yes Yes!

Would you like a printable version of this tapping script? Click here to download it.