Where are you on the spectrum of loving – hating attending live events and live trainings?

  • You LOVE meeting new people, learning new things and traveling!
  • You like SOME aspects of live events, but not all
  • You TOLERATE live events, because you appreciate what you walk away with, but you don’t really like them.
  • You’d rather be in a DENTIST chair with the drill on than at a live event.

I’m just back from 3 weeks of travel to attend 3 live events. I’m usually in the SOME and TOLERATE range.

You’d think I’d have a slew of photos from all that time away from home, but I laughed when I saw how few photos I’d taken in 3 weeks of live events. Here’s the best – HA!

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 9.18.54 AM

I attended 3 trainings from 2 of my coaches – Callan Rush in Whistler, BC, Canada and Jeff Walker in Phoenix, Arizona.

I’m an introvert and I don’t really like to travel, so live events are a mixed bag for me. (Are you an introvert too, by chance?)

That brings me to the reason for this article and video.

I thoroughly enjoyed the last 3 weeks I spent in events ranging from 40 to 1000 people.

I wanted to figure out what made those events enjoyable for me, so I could reproduce my good results . . .

. . . and so I could pass on to you what worked for me – in hopes that it might work for you too.

Are you a coach?

Or an entrepreneur who’s interested in adding a coaching component to your business?

Are you frustrated at being stuck at 5 figures?

Working too hard and getting burnt out?

Would you like to get your gifts out there in a bigger way, helping people get significant results?

And would you like to make more money, have more freedom to live the life you CHOOSE instead of continually hustling to make ends meet?

If this describes you, let’s have a quick chat to see if we might be a fit to help you step into 6 figures with your business.

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One of 2 things will happen in that session.

Possibility #1: We’ll feel that we are not a fit and I’ll give you a recommendation of a technique, free training, book, product or practitioner that will be a better fit for you.

Possibility #2: We’ll feel we are a fit and we’ll book a second 45-minute session. In that session we’ll create your Prosperity Blueprint:

I’ll help you identify your Zone of Genius (that puts you into the FLOW of the work that comes naturally and easily to you and that can earn you the most money).

Then, we’ll craft the bones of your Unique Transformational System – the system that will help you stand out above the Sea of Coaches out there, help change the lives of your clients in a BIG way AND earn you a SIGNIFICANT income.

We’ll then talk about the steps you can take to make earning 6 figures as a coach a reality for you.

“My income has tripled and my business now fully supports me financially!”


Working as a counselor, I was not earning the income I wanted.

Natalie helped me set up a whole new practice using horses to work with post-traumatic stress disorder.

As I worked with Natalie, I began to realize my biggest challenge was fear. Natalie just kept giving me the exact information I needed to take the next step, to not allow the fear to stop me.

I also really felt supported by the FaceBook group full of her coaching clients. This was such a turnaround after 17 years of trying to do it by myself. The sense of camaraderie with so many like-minded people is just priceless.

My business now supports me financially as my income has tripled.

After a year in Natalie’s program, I have the skills, techniques, and understanding to grow my income even more. Additionally, my health has improved, I’m more positive, I’m more open, and my personal life has improved.

I had no idea how many ways you could grow your business. To have someone to introduce that to me and make it a systematic step-by-step navigation process was awesome.

Natalie is profoundly insightful, extremely quick, incredibly creative, inspired, dynamic, dedicated & committed. She is up to speed with what’s going on with me as a client and the external world of small business. I love the mix she has of business and spiritual connection.

Annie Sorell, Life Changes Counseling, www.anniesorell. com.au, www.yourhorsepartnership. com

If you’ve had enough of being stuck at 5 figures, I’d love to help you envision the business that can take you to 6 figures and to a life you love.

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