Free Business Strategy Session

IMG_0821Imagine this scenario:

You are getting paid so well for the transformation you bring, that you can have the freedom to . . .

. . . spend your time however you want, doing exactly what you love to do

. . . with those you most love being with

. . . wherever in the world you want to be

. . . because you have complete financial security.


Financial Security is possible for coaches, therapists and holistic practitioners.

Yes, I mean that.

A coach can create a life-changing AND lucrative business that earns 6 figures – even multiple 6 figures.

Do you know if you’re heading toward 6 figures, or if you’re likely to stay stuck at 5 figures?

It’s easy to find out, and . . .

. . . I’d love to help you determine if you’ve got the essentials in place to take YOUR business to 6 figures.

We’ll do that in a complementary Prosperity Blueprint coaching session.

In this valuable session, I’ll help you

  • Get crystal clarity about what you’d LOVE your life and business to look like
  • We’ll identify the obstacles in your way
  • I’ll give you my top advice of your easiest path to overcome your obstacles and achieve your dream

The value of this session is $1,000.00.

I’m offering it to you for . . . only your presence. This is my gift to you.


Although I’d love to help everyone, that’s not possible.

So . . . when I get your application, if I’m not sure I’m a good fit, I’ll let you know.

Would you like to have a quick 15 minute chat just to see if a longer conversation makes sense?  Leave me a message at (520) 428-6795.