“I made a high impact service and it grew into this beautiful big balloon of offerings.”

Prior to Natalie’s High Impact Programs System, I wasn’t clear how to offer my services or at what price. People would walk away with no understanding of the services I offer or the results they could achieve. As you can imagine, I heard a lot of no’s.

I signed up for the HIPS training from Natalie, I put it into action and I am living it! It has really changed my business.

I made a high impact service and it grew into this beautiful big balloon of offerings. I call this my concierge service, and I have already sold 6 packages.

My hardest thing has always been the price, and one golden nugget I learned from HIPS was the sacred art of selling and that what I’m offering is priceless.

For anyone thinking about enrolling in HIPS, I would say it is an investment in your future. If you truly want to break through whatever barriers you have in your work, whether you feel like you’re working too hard or not getting results, HIPS is one of the best investments you could make.

Clinical Naturopathic Doctor
New South Wales, Australia

Relationship Coach
Tucson, Arizona

“I am doing what I love doing all the time.”

Natalie helped me take my psychotherapy business and shift it into a very profitable coaching business.

I’m doing what I love and making more money and not working as hard.

It’s pretty amazing!

Even though I had a full running practice on the east coast, I now have a worldwide practice online, seeing people through Skype.

I’m making more money than I’ve ever made in my 30 years of psychotherapy.

And I am doing what I love doing all the time!

“I’m on track to earn $120,000 this year.”

When I started with Natalie my tax return the year before was $22,000.

I set myself that by the end of the year I had to be earnings a decent income or I would be stacking shelves in the local supermarket and have to give up.

I know what tripling is but don’t know the word for six times but that is what it amounts to in less than 2 years!

I’m on track to earn $120,000 this year.

I can’t say it enough time that my life has totally transformed from doing this work with Natalie.

Counselor and Coach
New South Wales, Australia

Life Coach
Phoenix, Arizona

“I launched my first 6-month group-coaching program.”

I have been doing individual coaching, and I wanted to enhance my offerings to groups so I could leverage my time more, including using videos and webinars. I was also ready to charge higher fees.

After coaching with Natalie, I launched my first 6-month group-coaching program. Five people signed up right away, and all of them have signed up for another 6 months!

I was also able to increase my fees 25%! I’m working less hours than I was before for the same amount of money, and that’s a good thing.

I’m still implementing a lot of what I got from Natalie’s coaching program, including putting together webinars and videos. Because I still have access to all of the resources from Natalie’s program, I can use them whenever I want to, and that’s really valuable to me.

The other great people that were in the program and how much I gained from meeting them was also really important to me. I enjoyed the international flavor of such a diverse group of participants.

M.A., M.Ed., LPCC
Tucson, Arizona

“I designed and implemented a high-end 7-day trip to Glastonbury and Stonehenge.”

One of the highlights of this year-long group coaching program was the Sedona retreat that Natalie skillfully organized and led. During one of the sessions, I had a big aha – I didn’t have just one project (baby) to launch – I had two!

So…drum roll please… during the course of 4M12, I gave birth to twins (projects, that is!).

Twin #1
I enjoy organizing trips and traveling to sacred sites, something I’ve done for the past 20+ years.

This year with Natalie’s guidance, I designed and implemented a high-end 7-day trip to Glastonbury and Stonehenge. Not only was it fun, it was also profitable – I netted about $5000.

Twin #2
Many folks have asked when I would offer a training program and for the past few years I had the intention of creating a SourceTapping® Certification Program.

Because of 4M12 and Natalie’s help and support, that intention has turned into a reality, and the SourceTapping® Training Program is now available.

“I made $6,000 in new clients.”

Not too long ago, I felt hopeless because my career, my finances and my marriage were all in shambles.

Natalie showed me every single step of the way to get me out of my rut.

I am SO thrilled about my new program that’s already attracting clients after my very first talk.

I made $6,000 in new clients!

I am living proof that when you have support like Natalie, you can move past any resistance or fear that you are experiencing and earn what you are worth, doing what you love.

Weight Loss Expert
Oak Lawn, Illinois

Doctor of Acupuncture & Self Care Coach
Highland Park, Pennsylvania

“I feel so much more confident. I rebranded myself and launched my private practice!”

After watching Natalie’s World Summit and reading some of her follow up emails, I knew she was the right person to help me through my blocks.

I’ve been in natural medicine for over 20 years and wanted to bring that to the forefront with different programs.

I wanted to be self-employed again, but I had barriers keeping me from succeeding. With Natalie’s coaching, I am about to launch my private practice!

With Natalie’s guidance, I have rebranded myself as a resiliency specialist, because life is all about rebounding from whatever comes your way.

I have changed my focus on how I introduce myself from an acupuncturist to a health care coach; people really resonate with that.

Natalie teaches you how to connect with your inner self so you can figure out your offer, and then she teaches you to master your delivery in terms of marketing your expertise.

The biggest thing I have overcome with Natalie’s coaching is my resistance to putting myself out there. Yes, I CAN go after my dream.

It is clear that Natalie has spent years developing her expertise to make you shine brighter. She’s a warm, delightful person who doesn’t hold back and wants you to be successful. That’s what makes her special.

“Wow. Natalie helped me change the face of my business!”

I knew I was tired of simply trading dollars for hours. Now with Natalie’s encouragement and coaching, I have raised my rates with confidence and attract long-term clients that I LOVE working with.

I’ve simultaneously grown my income and I can now make an even deeper impact on my committed, ideal clients. To put it simply: I’m getting paid what I’m worth!

Natalie is the real deal. She is unmistakably authentic, a powerful role model, and a gentle accountability partner…all rolled into one truly phenomenal woman.

It was my implicit trust in her that allowed me to be vulnerable about what was really going on for me, and embrace deeper layers of change. Even when I struggled, her fantastic sense of humor reminded me to not take myself so seriously.

I highly suggest working with Natalie if you are really ready to upgrade your business big time (and have fun doing it). You will be in really great hands!

Certified EFT Practitioner & Abundance Coach
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Story Telling Coach
Santa Cruz, California

“In two short months, I’ve tripled my income and made double the goal I set for myself.”

Before working with Natalie, I doubted I was worthy of being paid well. I believed I had to work hard for my money.

I just knew that no one would pay for the expertise I’d developed in the art of storytelling.

Working with Natalie has dramatically changed my life. She helped me unearth and transform what I’d been walking around with, limiting my income, the unconscious paradigm of my parents.

When I’m with Natalie, I feel she has access to the power to help me move big blocks. She’s tapped into a deep emotional intelligence that’s about awakening.

In two short months, I’ve tripled my income and made double the goal I set for myself.

“My income has increased and I reached my financial goals only a few months into the program!”

In 2010 I formed my own health consultancy company and juggled a financial tight rope. I knew I needed help in a business and marketing sense and a great big chunk of mojo thrown in would be of tremendous assistance. I knew I couldn’t do all of this on my own.

Natalie brought me on board to her coaching as one of only two men on the program. I was concerned about the financial aspect, but as soon as I enrolled that fear began to drain away.

I am so glad I joined.

Oh, yes, I had my share of resistances but Natalie’s expert guidance brought me to them and enlarged my sphere of awareness so that I could move on.

My targets regarding business enhancement and financial aggrandizement were modest by many people’s standards. However, thanks to the amazing Natalie I was able to reach these goals a few months into her coaching program!

Now that it is all over, I have to say that I have come away with an array of tools that has taken my business and my work to an all new level. My income has increased. I have broken away from the single session mindset, which has been the mainstay of my profession for much too long.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Natalie and her superb work to anybody. She is quick, gets to and sees the point, and comes up with solutions where before there were only problems.

Doctor Of Holistic Health
Koh Samui, Thailand

San Francisco, California

“I sold the package!!!!”

I was using the strategy session template [I had before]. It was ok, but I didn’t really gel with it. Too many options I guess.

I . . . got your template. OMG.

. . . just after [your training], I created my high end package, 6 months at $4000, called Money Mojo Magnet Miracle.

Within a few days . . . I used your script, and did all the pre-session work you listed including the Wonder Woman stance.

I sold the package!!!!

It went so smoothly I thought my coach had told her to role play it with me!!!

I loved how it said “stop talking” at just the right point. And I did!

When I asked her at the end how big her yes was and she said 10, I almost fell over!

I just wanted you to know how greatly you impacted my business and my self confidence.

I no longer dread those strategy sessions–I look forward to them.

“Natalie’s coaching helped me develop an online curriculum for teaching classes.”

I’ve been in my field for so long, I only knew one way of doing it. I could see from Natalie’s emails and reading her posts that she had some different ways of reaching & teaching her audience, and I wanted to learn from her.

I am now doing individual consultations, which had not been a component of my program prior to coaching with Natalie. This has broadened my work base so I’m not as dependent on one source of income.

Natalie’s coaching also helped me develop an online curriculum for teaching classes. She helped me see what I do in a new way and to move ahead in a new approach.

Now, I feel more secure because I have these other options available to me. I also have a lot more confidence and clearly see myself as unique in my profession & calling.

Natalie is an excellent teacher. She’s very intuitive, very focused, and able to see the big picture for each person. She easily sees the weak points in a business structure and where to strengthen it.

Natalie’s good at helping people take a leap in a new direction and get through any blocks they may have.

She helped me transform into the next stage of growth with my Horses for Clean Water and my business, and I am excited to continue implementing her suggestions and moving forward in my success.

Educator, Writer, & Photojournalist
Nampa, Idaho

Certified Life Coach & Holistic Nutritionist
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

“Now that I’m one of Natalie’s personal high-end clients . . . I’m full speed ahead!!!”

Before meeting Natalie I was searching for just the right coach to mentor and help me to the next level. I was stuck in my practice and ready to create my own high end business but needed my perfect matching coach to help me get there.

When I signed up for Natalie’s free Tap Into Money World Summit and got to experience her and her strategies I knew she was my coach.

Now that I’m one of Natalie’s personal high-end clients . . . I’m full speed ahead!!!

Natalie has sparked the confidence in me to create powerful business connections and BAM! The real Lisa is revealing who she really is! Now brand new programs and new sources of income feel so easy.

I am so amazed how Natalie has the uncanny ability to pinpoint just the right thing that I need to know at just the right moment. She intuitively knows how to challenge me in just the right way . . . and amount.

She is always SO spot on with her insights and advice, it gives me chills!

And even better yet, it doesn’t even seem like a challenge! Natalie easily opens up the opportunity for me to make huge shifts in my business and my bank account. I couldn’t have done it without her!

“She has amazing intuition and insight . . .”

Natalie was instrumental in helping me overcome many of the fears that came up as I grew my business and stepped out into the world in a big way.

She has amazing intuition and insight, and was able to help me get to the root of issues as they arose – saving me so much time and energy.

If it hadn’t been for Natalie, I wouldn’t have had the clarity and confidence I needed to continue following my passion and growing a successful business that I love, helping women overcome pelvic and sexual pain.

Women’s Mind Body Health Coach
Ithaca, New York

Author, Coach, Consultant, & Radio Host
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

“Natalie helps me feel so empowered and able to move forward.”

Before working with Natalie I was stagnant in my business. I had difficulty moving forward.

Since beginning my work with her, things are in a consistently positive forward motion. I’m focused and have a clear plan about where I’m headed after our sessions.

Through our work together, I’ve been able to overcome blocks and inner obstacles, which has helped me be more committed to my mission.

I feel more focused and purposeful and I’ve been able to accomplish more daily and feel more of a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Natalie recently guided me to gain specific insights and identify my niche market, allowing me to put my attention and energy in that direction.

She is extremely supportive and nonjudgmental. She sees my potential and helps me to step into it at a pace that is comfortable to me. Natalie helps me feel so empowered and able to move forward.

“Natalie helped me see what I really really wanted to do.”

Before I started working with Natalie, I had a website and was trying to sell products, but I wasn’t making much money.

Then I met Natalie and she turned my business around. Natalie helped me see what I really really wanted to do.

I’ve been a teacher all my life and with Natalie’s guidance, I realized that teaching is my passion. I’m very happy with this change in my business and the new direction I’m headed.

Beauty & Skincare Coach
Tucson, Arizona