I had a wreck Saturday Night

I was on my way home from a birthday party Susan gave for my women friends with June birthdays on Saturday night.

As I left the party, I came to a crossroads and had the thought to take a different route out of Susan’s neighborhood. I ignored it and went the way I usually go.

1 minute later, a bit black SUV came from across the street heading right for me.  I swerved into the right hand lane, nearly hitting the curb, and the SUV hit my car – in the area of the driver’s side front tire.

As I slowed down to stop and exchange info, he sped away.

Flooded with the biochemicals of fear, I was now also filled with anger.

“What! You are just going to leave like you did nothing?”

I took off after him and fumbled for my purse and phone, hands shaking, determined to get a photo of his license plate.

Here’s one of the hands-shaking pics I took. Not too helpful! 

It took me several minutes, my hands were shaking so much, but I got a clear close up when he stopped at a red light.

Then I pulled over and called 911, who connected me to the police, as I was fortunately just fine.

(It turns out that the police don’t have time to follow up on hit and run accidents if no one is hurt.)

Here’s what I did next, that’s the reason for this email.

I did several essential steps of inner work / self care that made all the difference.

Here are the steps to clear a recent and fairly mild trauma:

1. Reach out

First, I called a friend who was also at the party. It helped to talk through what had just happened with someone who loves me. I was no longer alone in it.

2. Calm the mind and body

I tapped with one hand as I drove the rest of the way home. No need to say anything while tapping because I was so aware of the emotions of fear and outrage flooding through my body.  I could feel my body calming down as I tapped.

3. Take care of business

I called the insurance company to report the accident. That felt so grown up!

4. Clear the physical trauma

Once home and in bed, I shook – intentionally.  Or better said, I allowed my body to shake. I did a simplified, and in bed, version of Trauma Release Exercises which are designed to mimic the body’s natural instinct to shake back to calm, healthy equilibrium.

5. Positive self talk

Before dropping off to sleep, I told myself how proud I was of how I handled the whole thing. I acknowledged that I am safe and all is well.  I spoke to myself like a loving, proud, healthy parent would. It felt great to hear those healing words.

6. Give thanks

In the morning, I visited my car. I thanked it for keeping me safe and told it how sorry I was it got hurt. I gave gratitude that all is well.

I’d love to hear from you.

How could these steps help you?

When have you needed to clear a trauma and what did you do that worked?