Clearing the Trauma From a Car Accident

I had a wreck Saturday Night

I was on my way home from a birthday party Susan gave for my women friends with June birthdays on Saturday […]

Baby Quail, Rattlesnakes and Your Dreams

Spring in Tucson is full of birthing, babies, dreams, delight and danger.

I feel a pang of sadness every day when I see the empty dove nest […]

How To Turn Jealousy Into Gratitude

The Art of Jealousy

For the people I support in my Sacred Business Adventure Mastermind, therapists, coaches and holistic practitioners, it’s common for someone to have a spurt of […]


May you recognize the miracle of your life the blessing of living at this time, in your precious body.

I love you!

I selected these videos just for you. I hope you […]

How to Make Decisions

What Surfing Can Teach Us About How To Make A Decision

I used to have a hard time making decisions.

I would make a list of pros and cons.

I would pray and […]

What Do You Do?

How To Answer This Tricky Question…

I have yet to meet a coach, therapist or holistic practitioner who had an easy time answering the tricky question, “What […]

How to Get Unstuck

How To Quickly Overcome the Fear That Keeps You Stuck

Now that the dust has settled from my High Impact Program System launch (and I get to […]

Scared To Put Myself Out There

When you’re up to something BIG and it scares the hell out of you . . .

Are you working on doing something that’s really BIG?

That scares […]

Hate Networking? Here’s The Cure

Simple Solution If You Hate Networking And Want To Make It Work

Not long ago I hated networking.

I was a member of two networking organizations in Tucson. […]

5 Essentials To Create a 6-Figure Coaching Business

There are just 5 simple . . . but essential . . . steps a coach must take to create a lucrative and life-changing business that earns 6 figures, or […]