How to Specialize in Your Holistic Practice

This is the FIRST video in the Profitable Practice Training Series for holistic practitioners.  We start with the first step in becoming a recognized expert who people are happy to […]

Took Kit Catastrophe

How the Me Me Me Mentality turns potential clients away and how using the Benefits Bridge and Talking Their Talk will keep them interested.

Petals of Possibility for the Holistic Practitioner

How can the woman holistic practitioner elevate her practice from Practitioner to Expert so she has the time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom that sustains her to leave her […]

Clearing the Trauma From a Car Accident

I had a wreck Saturday Night

I was on my way home from a birthday party Susan gave for my women friends with June birthdays on Saturday […]

Baby Quail, Rattlesnakes and Your Dreams

Spring in Tucson is full of birthing, babies, dreams, delight and danger.

I feel a pang of sadness every day when I see the empty dove nest […]

How To Turn Jealousy Into Gratitude

The Art of Jealousy

For the people I support in my Sacred Business Adventure Mastermind, therapists, coaches and holistic practitioners, it’s common for someone to have a spurt of […]


May you recognize the miracle of your life the blessing of living at this time, in your precious body.

I love you!

I selected these videos just for you. I hope you […]

How to Make Decisions

What Surfing Can Teach Us About How To Make A Decision

I used to have a hard time making decisions.

I would make a list of pros and cons.

I would pray and […]

What Do You Do?

How To Answer This Tricky Question…

I have yet to meet a coach, therapist or holistic practitioner who had an easy time answering the tricky question, “What […]

How to Get Unstuck

How To Quickly Overcome the Fear That Keeps You Stuck

Now that the dust has settled from my High Impact Program System launch (and I get to […]