Spring in Tucson is full of birthing, babies, dreams, delight and danger.

I feel a pang of sadness every day when I see the empty dove nest in my carport and think of those babies, lost before they could ever take their first flight.

Still, I’m also daily delighted by the quail families dashing by my home.

I took a couple videos of them in the last few days. Admission – they’re poor photography, I’m the first to admit. But you’ll get a glimpse of these adorable and miraculous quail families.

The babies seem to come out of the egg fully capable of running and flying.

They’re like cotton balls on twigs.

They’re mostly air.

They whiz by so fast their cartoon legs are a blur.

It’s hard to believe these tiny bird legs have the capacity to run and even fly when they are so miniature.

These baby quail are truly comical.

I once saw a family just like the one in this video, while hiking in the desert.  

A rattlesnake struck out and snatched one of those puffball babies in it’s jaws.

So I know firsthand the danger that they are continually running from.

The parents are masterful at herding the babies along and the babies are incredible at staying with their parents.

I love catching a glimpse of them, but can never watch them for long, because they are always on the move.

Just like our dreams.

Like I said last week, dreams are fragile things. Before they become solid matter, they are airy puffballs like those tiny baby quails.

They require nurturing and guarding and herding with the dedication and energy of those mommy and daddy quail.

Here are the 5 steps to herd your dream into reality, adapted from Dr. Srinivasan S. Pillay’s book, Life Unlocked, 7 Revolutionary Lessons To Overcome Fear.

Step 1: Dream It

What do you want to create in your life? What do you want that you don’t currently have?

Step 2: Get Clear On Fear

Get clear on what fears and doubts and past failures and “I can’t do it” beliefs you have that can stop you from allowing your dream to come true.

Step 3: Let Possibility Be Possible

Start to retrain the part of your brain thinks it’s impossible, into thinking it is possible. How? By asking questions that bypass that mental rattlesnake gatekeeper altogether.

Some great question starters:

What will it take to…

What if…

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

Step 4: Get Lucky

Get lucky involves taking action in the form of daydreaming positive scenarios and by doing stuff that’s related to your dream.

You get lucky by immersing yourself in the story of what it is that you want to create and by doing this repeatedly, daily,

Getting lucky is actually retraining your brain.

According to Dr. Pillay, you are using the conscious thinking of your frontal cortex to retrain your amygdala.  So that instead of replaying all the failures and fears of your past your brain actually begins to believe the possibility of a happy, lucky future.

This is where science meets the law of attraction. This is where you can use biology to create luck.

Step 5: Intercept Resistance

Finally, you’ve got to be on the lookout for those rattlesnakes of resistance that could dart out to snatch your dream baby.

Resistance can wear any disguise.

So you gotta watch out for all the ways it can show up, like boredom or Shiny Object Syndrome or anxiety or fear or a zillion clever excuses.

When resistance shows up, go back to Step 1.

I’m on a roll here teaching about how dreams can become reality, so watch for my article next week.

In the meantime, be like those mom and dad quail, keep your dream babies close.