There are just 5 simple . . . but essential . . . steps a coach must take to create a lucrative and life-changing business that earns 6 figures, or more.

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Are any of these situations familiar to you?

  • Have you had to hustle to find new clients so you could survive financially?
  • Or have you wanted to make a big difference for your clients, but found it next to impossible when you’re seeing them for just 1 or a few sessions?
  • Or have you worked with clients who don’t commit? Clients who call to cancel, or don’t do the homework they said they’d do?


I know how frustrating this feels . . . cuz I’ve been there!

There IS a Solution to all those challenges – and, fortunately, it’s an easy fix!

Here are the steps coaches need to take to break free being stuck at 5 figures and move into 6 figures and more.

1. Identify your Zone of Genius

When you know your Zone of Genius, your work becomes easy, fun, successful and makes you great money.

2. Create your Unique Transformational System

This is the step by step process you take your clients through to get the big result they deeply desire.

3. Develop Premium Coaching Programs

These are the packages and programs that attract high paying clients by offering big results.

4. Make Tantalizing Titles for your Premium Programs . . .

. . . so you magnetically attract clients you LOVE.

5. Use Enticing Pricing

So you get you paid well and people are happy to say YES to working with you!

The process of taking these 5 simple steps is not complicated and not difficult.

I’ve taken MANY clients through the steps who are now getting better results, earning more, working less (giving them more time to do what they most WANT to do with their life).

If you want to take your business to 6 figures . . .

. . . having those 5 elements in place is the best, fastest and most reliable way I know to get you there.

I’d love to help YOU get those elements in place – with a gift you with a Prosperity Blueprint coaching session with me.

In this complementary session, I’ll help you discover out which of those 5 essential elements you have in place and which you need to develop.

We’ll make a plan to break the 5 figures barrier, so you CAN have that life-changing and lucrative business you so desire.

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